Supporting your business every step of the way

Downtime is a critical issue in any company – especially when it involves the lifeblood of your business. That’s why our support team is on hand to ensure that should you have an issue, it can be solved as quickly as possible.

Basware support comes in two levels: standard and extended. It means you can get the right level to match your individual business needs.

Of course, getting the most from your solution isn’t just about fixing things if they are underperforming. It’s about making sure you get the value you expect day-in, day-out.

That’s why we also offer Service Management to monitor the performance of your Basware service and fine-tune it to meet your needs. We can also go beyond with onsite consulting to maximize adoption and realize the full value of your solution.

Things change in every business. That’s why whenever your purchase-to-pay environment goes through a change process that includes implementations or expansions, Basware can provide a critical level of stability by performing the necessary adjustments to your environment. Regularly scheduled visits from Basware’s consultants ensure your process continues to perform optimally throughout these periods of change.

Key benefits

  • Standard support – all customers can contact our service desk to arrange for quick service calls during incidents
  • Extended support – offers prioritized treatment through dedicated support personnel delivering rapid incident resolution, management and reporting.

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