A better way to begin sending e-Invoices

Most big organizations (enterprises, governments and others) are keen to make e-Invoicing compulsory. But it’s not just large buyers who benefit from electronic financial transactions, all businesses benefit from electronic invoicing.

Start sending e-Invoices today

You can begin sending e-Invoices to all customers using a range of easy to use Basware Connectors. Options include:

  • Email: Under 100 invoices a month? Then send your PDFs to us and we’ll do the rest. 
  • Virtual Printer: 100-500 invoices a month? Simply ‘print’ from your software package and your e-Invoices goes direct to your customers’ accounts payable systems
  • Integrated e-Invoicing solutions: More than 500 invoices a month? Then it’s time to think about making every invoice electronic

If your customer offers a supplier portal:

  • A good option would be an easy-to-use supplier portal to create, send and follow your invoices

Benefits of sending e-Invoices

  • Cut costs and increase process efficiency
  • Get paid faster with invoices going straight to processing
  • Trade anywhere in the world with the correct sales tax automatically applied
  • Easily add digital signatures to comply with relevant policies and regulations
  • Quickly resolve disputes and queries with Basware’s social collaboration features
  • Track the status of every invoice to better manage cash flow and working capital
  • Boost your green credentials with paperless invoicing at your premises

Get in touch to find out the best way to start receiving e-Invoices today.

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