Virtually printing your e-Invoices
is easy

If you send less than 500 invoices a month then it’s time to consider a simple technology upgrade to handle your invoice flow.

The Basware Virtual Printer Connector allows you to create e-Invoices from your old paper ones simply by pressing the print button. The printer settings will also handle the e-Invoice transfer to us and we’ll make sure it reaches the customer quickly and in the right format.

Why virtual printing makes sense

Sending invoices is easy. You only need to configure a new printer and start printing invoices from your billing system. We will convert them into e-Invoices and send them to recipients.

Benefits of Basware Virtual Printer Connector

There is a range of benefits to virtual printing:

  • Meet customer requirements for e-Invoicing
  • It’s simple set up – a small shift in technology delivers significant advantages
  • It’s easy to use – you needn’t change what you do, the virtual printer does the hard bit
  • You save money from day one as you eliminate paper, printing and postage costs

Start e-Invoicing today

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